Makkala Jagriti (Awakening of Children) is an NGO founded in 2003 that seeks to create holistic learning platforms and empower socio-economically deprived children, youth and their community as a whole.

When learning is Accessible, Enjoyable, and Relevant; a just, equitable society is within reach.  read more..


Early Childhood Care and Education

Our endeavour is to ignite early minds- children (3-6 years) by building a strong foundation for school readiness.... read more..


Holistic Development Learning Centers

We strive to create a spark in young minds - children(6-14 years) to discover their potential and develop holistically.... read more..


Yuva Jagriti

We seek to nurture young adults and empower them to dream, aspire, become and inspire others as role models.... read more..

Since 2003, we’ve impacted thousands! And the number is growing.

Children and youth from marginalised communities have transcended socio-economic barriers, to access mainstream opportunities. These changes that began from within the community have rippled out into the larger society.


Latest Blog

A bright future for tiny tots through reimagined learning spaces

August 25, 2018

The sun shined in a pool of crimson and gold, spilling light all over the land and the white clouds. Off of the dusty roads of Bengaluru, the village of Doddaballpur stands quaintly with earthen cottages rounded by a slew of trees, creating an atmosphere of rustic beauty. The footfalls read more…

Green Today, Greener Tomorrow with Little Hands

May 2, 2018

With trees on either side of the road and leaves curling up, there was an atmosphere of panoramic views on a clear day. As one nears the blue building, there is a distant clamour followed by gleeful responses of children. The place which is shrouded by children of various age read more…

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