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Makkala Jagriti believes that social change cannot be achieved in isolation; therefore we involve Corporate Organizations, NGO Partners, Individuals and Well-wishers in its journey.

Over the years, several partners have played a crucial role in our work. They include corporate organizations, foundations, non-profits, consultants, resource persons and government bodies. They bring in a diverse array of expertise, and have helped us make highly impactful interventions with our beneficiaries.


We invite corporates, foundations and other organisations to engage their employees through volunteering opportunities with Makkala Jagriti in our learning centers with children and Youth and also to strengthen our support functions

Please join hands with Makkala Jagriti by adopting one or more of our Learning Centers or projects, which would include capital, operational and capacity building expenses.


Knowledge Partner

We believe in collaborating with organisations who amplify our efforts towards the holistic development of children and youth. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. So, we partner with organisations with complementary expertise.

We are ready to be knowledge partners, to provide training, content, and technical support. We are also eager to build partnerships where there is a mutual exchange of competencies and ideas.


Want to contribute to Makkala Jagriti?

Your contributions are tax-exempt under 80G. We are also FCRA compliant for foreign contributions

Want to partner with Makkala Jagriti?

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