Bridging the gap - A critical challenge


Most of the socio-economically vulnerable children are first generation school goers. The existing formal & non-formal education system doesn't have complete insight into their context, and hence is inadequate for their learning process.The outcome of such situation perhaps make children feel dis-interested, compels them to disengage leading to high school dropout ratio.

The level of parents’ education is minimal and even non-existent in many cases. They are stretched for time, knowledge, and resources, to invest in their child’s development. They have fixed skills to offer. Children are also exposed to domestic conflict, abuse, and economic issues, which affects their ability to remain in school.Lesser inspiring role models & unsupportive home ecosystem makes it harder for children to aspire.

Makkala Jagriti believes the above trend is leading to missing out on the growth of a significant future population in the knowledge arena.

What can undo the impact?

Unlocking children’s potential through the right opportunities. Awakening them to their own capabilities will position them to become change agents in their communities. With holistic education, children and youth will help their communities move from being skill-based towards a knowledge-based future. The need is to build their confidence and empower them to carve out a productive life.


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