Sowing the seeds for a great future

Every great story needs a great beginning, and it’s the same with children. Early childhood development plays a critical role in helping children reach their full potential as adults. A child’s development happens rapidly between ages 0-6. This stage lays the foundation for building her learning abilities.

Through our Early Childhood Care and Education programme, we influence Anganwadis(Govt. pre-school centres) to become spaces for holistic development of children, with a special focus on enhancing early learning capabilities.

Our approach

  •  Build a conducive learning space – create an attractive, child-friendly, safe, learning environment

  •  Enhance quality of pre-school education in the Anganwadis

  •  Involve parents in the child's learning and development process

Through this, we focus on a child’s holistic growth which covers:

  •  Social development

  •  Physical development, including fine and gross motor skills

  •  Language development, including listening and speaking skills

  •  Cognitive development

  •  Emotional development

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